Weekly Three Questions

1. What tasks have you completed recently?

This week in chemistry class I completed worksheets and labs dealing with percent composition and empirical formulas. I also drew a diagram of the human eye in AP psychology, which in my opinion was great art.

2. What have you learned recently?

This week I learned how to calculate percent compositions and empirical formulas. I learned about the functions and parts of the human eye. The crowning achievement though has to be me learning how to play some AC/DC songs on the guitar.

3. What are you planning on doing next?

I plan to go to dress up as a zombie and volunteer as a worker at the “Mayfield Zombie Dash.” After that, I plan to read The Catcher in The Rye by this weekend because that Mr. Caulfield is such a cool cat.

My quote of the week:

“Begin at the beginning,” the King said, very gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland




About chriscatanach

I enjoy long walks on the beach and watching the sun set. I am in a long term relationship with math and science. The movies are what I consider a man-made heaven. Most of all I think my self out to be the fictional reincarnation of Jay Gatsby.
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