Weekly Three Questions

1. What tasks have you completed recently?

This week I played two orchestra concerts, both of which were amazing and critically acclaimed. I also finished a baby bottle lab in chemistry managing to blow up only two of my nipples.

2. What have you learned recently?

This week I learned a lot about drugs and how they affect the brain in AP Psychology. In chemistry I learned how to solve stoichiometry problems with better understanding.

3. What are you planning on doing next?

I plan to go to the football game tonight and get me a well-deserved plate of nachos. After that I plan to go town on a bunch of old Amazing Spider-Man comics I found.

My quote of the week:

She was terrific to hold hands with. Most girls, if you hold hands with them, their goddam hand dies on you, or else they  think they have to keep moving their hands all the time, as if they were afraid they’d bore you or something. Jane was different. We’d get into a goddam movie or something, and right away we’d start holding hands, and we won’t quite till the movie was over. And without changing the position or making a deal out of it. You never even worried, with Jane, whether your hand was sweaty or not. All you knew was, you were happy. You really were.

Holden Caulfield



About chriscatanach

I enjoy long walks on the beach and watching the sun set. I am in a long term relationship with math and science. The movies are what I consider a man-made heaven. Most of all I think my self out to be the fictional reincarnation of Jay Gatsby.
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2 Responses to Weekly Three Questions

  1. aandre15 says:

    Holden Caulfield, a hero of American Literature. Why did you quote him?

    • I was just feeling like everyone I was talking to at that time were all big phonies. So who better to think of than Mr. Caulifield. He actually has probably the best quotes out of any character in literature.

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