Chemical Reactions

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All reactions and non-reactions discussed come from this list

Not all items on the reaction list, where chemical reactions at all. The Meissner Effect was not a chemical reaction but a physical change super cooling a magnet to levitate a metal. The  Sulfur Hexafluoride demonstrations just showed off the physical properties of this heavy gas. The reason the gas caused the opposite effect on the voice than helium was because the vocal chords vibrated slower in the gas creating a deeper voice. The super fluid helium was a state of matter that had absolutely no viscosity and somewhat gravity defying physics. The sodium acetate demonstration just shows how an object can dissociate in a solvent and when separated from that solution become its old solid state again. Lastly what I could observe from the super absorbent polymer was that it did not react with the substance, it was just able to retain large quantities of the solvent before being dissolved. That is why all the items listed above are not chemical reactions.

Now here are the actual chemical reactions:

The magnesium and dry ice reaction:

2 Mg (s) + CO2 (g) —> 2 MgO (s) + C(s)

This is a single replacement reaction.

Sodium and Water in Chlorine Gas:

2Na(s) + Cl2(g) —-> 2NaCl(s) + heat and light

This is a fusion reaction.

Potassium Chlorate (heated to melting point) and Candy Reaction:

2KClO3 + C12H22O11(s) + 12O2(g) → 2KCl(s) + 3O2(g) + 12CO2(g) + 11H2O(l) ‘+ heat and light

this is a combustion reaction for the sucrose and Oxygen and a decomposition reaction for the KClO3.

Thermite reaction:

2Al(s) + Fe2O3(s) –(fire)–> Al2O3(s) + 2Fe(s) + heat

this is a single replacement reaction.

Briggs-Rauscher Reaction:


This is an Oscillating reaction meaning it goes back and forth repeating other reactions. It is composed of multiple single replacement, double replacement, fusion, and decomposition reactions.

My favorite of all the chemical reactions listed had to be the thermite reaction for sure. This exothermic reaction was especially cool because of two things. The first thing is the amount of heat produced in this reaction is phenomenal comparing to temperatures of the sun. Second thermite is relatively easy to buy and obtain, so you now know what I will be doing in my spare time. Of course, the other reactions had their own brilliance to themselves but the thermite reaction just loves to show off.

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