As a safety regulation every car that is made in this day of age comes with an airbag. A simple creation that uses gas laws to save countless lives. Under every steering wheel lies a undeployed air bag connected to a sodium azide inflator. Whenever a car crashes an electrical spark lights the sodium azide rapidly releasing nitrogen gas to fill the airbag within milliseconds. This whole transaction can be explained with charles gas law. This law says that the volume of a given amount of gas held at constant pressure is directly proportional to temperature. What this means is whenever the temperature of the gas goes up so does the volume. By adding the spark to the sodium azide bonds are broken down in this exposion releasing energy and as a byproduct heat. The heat released excites the motion of the molecules allowing them to move more and fill more room. Another object that utilizes charles law in this manner is hot air balloons. The more heat added( the flame) the more volume the particles expand to. That is the basics of airbags and there use of gas laws to save lives.  




About chriscatanach

I enjoy long walks on the beach and watching the sun set. I am in a long term relationship with math and science. The movies are what I consider a man-made heaven. Most of all I think my self out to be the fictional reincarnation of Jay Gatsby.
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